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About Seoul

The Seoul Special Metropolitan City is the capital and largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea. Seoul forms the heart of the Seoul Capital Area, home to roughly half of the country´s population. Situated on the Han River, Seoul´s history stretches back more than two thousand years. The city was founded in 18 BC by the people of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Today, Seoul is considered as a leading and rising global city, resulting from an economic boom called the Miracle on the Han River which transformed it to the world´s 4th largest metropolitan economy after Tokyo, New York City and Los Angeles. In 2015, it was rated Asia´s most livable city with the second highest quality of life globally.

The Global Financial Centres Index in 2015 listed Seoul as the 6th financially most competitive city in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Seoul 15th in the list of 'Overall 2025 City Competitiveness' regarding future competitiveness of cities.

Seoul is the world´s most wired city and was ranked first in technology readiness by PwC´s Cities of Opportunity report. As a leading technology hub, the Seoul Capital Area boasts 15 Fortune Global 500 companies such as Samsung, LG (formerly Lucky-Goldstar) and Hyundai-Kia. The city exerts a major influence in global affairs as one of the 5 leading hosts of global conferences.

Seoul offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their markets with channel partners and customers in Korea and East Asia.
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DongSu Han
DongSu HanHead of the operational team
DongSu Han is CEO of WorkingK, a leading business development and trading company in Austria and the Republic of Korea. He´s Regional Director of the International Network of Korean Entrepreneurs (INKE) with many years of industry experience in electronics and ICT. DongSu was general manager of Youngsan Handels GmbH, Austria, and of the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA). He holds a bachelor degree in international trade from the Kyunghee University, Korea, and a master of science in Business IT from the University of Westminster, United Kingdom.
Prof. Dr. Christian M. Piska
Christian M. PiskaHead of the advisory board
Christian M. Piska is Professor at the Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Vienna since 2002, specialized in public and economic law, particularly in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology related law. He is also known as a policy maker when it comes to technology regulation. Before he was at the Hans-Kelsen-Institut, an Austrian federal foundation with the task of documenting the "Pure Theory of Law". Christian studied law at the University of Vienna and holds a master degree and a doctorate with distinction in legal sciences. In 2002, he habilitated in constitutional and administrative law.

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