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Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Situated at the middle of a trade route between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region, it has been the cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative center of independent Slovenia since 1991. Ljubljana itself was first mentioned in the first half of the 12th century and under Habsburg rule from the Middle Ages until the dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918.

Industry remains the most important employer, notably in the pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and food processing. Other fields include banking, finance, transport, construction, skilled trades and services and tourism. The public sector provides jobs in education, culture, health care and local administration.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (Ljubljanska borza), purchased in 2008 by the Vienna Stock Exchange, deals with large Slovenian companies. Some of these have their headquarters in the capital: for example, the retail chain Mercator, the oil company Petrol d.d. and the telecommunications concern Telekom Slovenije. Over 15,000 enterprises operate in the city, most of them in the tertiary sector.

Numerous companies and over 450 shops are located in the BTC City, the largest business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural center in Slovenia. It is visited each year by 21 million people. It occupies an area of 475,000 square meters in the Moste District in the eastern part of Ljubljana.

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Horatiu Moldovan
Urska Starc-PecenyHead of the operational team
Urska has more than 20 years working experience in strategy, communications and storytelling of innovations & novelties in most different fields, founded several companies in Europe and Middle East. She is co-founder and head of strategy & communication of Seensy and project coordinator of NASA Space Apps Challenge. Educated in Slovenia, Italy and Austria, Urska holds a PhD in Business Communication.

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