About you

Innovator Insight

I am a young entrepreneur, very engaged with a good innovative business idea responding to global challenges. Together with my team I believe we can make a difference.

I wish there could be a place where I can grow my business, have mentors supporting me and connecting me to investors along the business creation process, possibly by a successful exit.

Industry Insight

I am an industrial leader and I struggle to allocate our resources to create meaningful innovations for our business.

I wish there could be a reliable structure where our innovation objectives are recognized and solutions created by professionally managed start-ups.

Our financial risk will be reduced by this reliable structure and its investors.

Investor Insight

I am an investor and I struggle to allocate my resources in really prominent and potentially successful start-ups.

I wish there could be a place where start-ups are taken care of along their product and business development by professional mentors and industrial or service partners.

My investment will be more secure thanks to a reliable structure that is know-how and business focussed.

About Us

V CombinatorTM is a virtual group of globally operating incubators and accelerators with the aim of growing and internationalizing start-ups in order to help solving global challenges.

V CombinatorTM is based in Vienna, host to many international organizations, including the United Nations.

V CombinatorTM is vital both locally establishing sustainable start-ups and globally helping to solve the world´s challenges.